The NVAS-2 Analyzer system is Opus Inspection's latest generation emissions analyzer. Designed in 2012, it was based on our successful California BAR-97 certified system. The new emissions analyzer was component approved as recently as 2012. Opus designed the NVAS-2 Analyzer system to interface with all the currently approved dynes in program use.

Signing up for the new program is easy and can be completed on-line at the program web site ( Stations can sign the station agreement, order optional equipment, make quarterly payments and view important program news.

Opus will deliver and install the NVAS-2 Analyzer to every station currently in the Air Check network that signs an agreement with Opus. A team of Opus Inspection field technicians will install the systems and interface them with the station dynes. The NVAS-2 unit will contain the durable, field-proven, Dell OptiPlex to control the ASM/OBD/TSI inspection process.

It is a responsibility of the inspection station to have in place an approved and fully functional dynamometer.  Any dynamometer installed at a potential new station or at an existing station in a new bay must be inspected by and found to be fully functional by an Opus Technician.

Key features of the NVAS-2 System include:

 Design meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR computer requirements

 Microsoft Windows 7 or newer

 Two Microsoft wide angle cameras

 250GD 3.5" SATA hard drive with fact access time of 3.0 gb/s and 8MB data burst cache

 4 GB USB drive

 Ports sufficient for all workstation peripherals with expansion capability

 19-inch flat panel HD-LCD monitor with durable, cleanable screen

 Keyboard with built-in protection from contaminants commonly found in the shop environment

 Honeywell Xenon 2-D bar code scanner

 OKI B4400 Laser Printer

 Opus OBD Scan tool = includes ability to advance software screens during portions of the OBD-II inspection without using the keyboard

 Fingerprint scanner


Stations can also choose from a selection of system options available for purchase:

 Wireless 2-D Bar Code Scanner$695.00
 Wireless OBD Scan Tool


 Large 21.5" Monitor Replacement$250.00
 Second Monitor for Wait Area$400.00
 Touch Screen Monitor$1,200.00
 OBD Verification Tool Upgrade $295.00

 Opus accepts several methods of payment on-line:

 ACH - (Complete form online and enable autopay)

 Master Card

The Opus Help Desk is available to answer all station questions six days a week; 8 am to 6 pm Monday – Friday and 8 am – 2 pm on Saturday.

Stations that wish to continue participate in the Virginia Air Check program must perform the following:

 Sign the station program participation agreement on-line.
 Select and purchase any of the optional equipment the station wishes to have.
 Pay a quarterly equipment usage fee of $875 and an optional annual enhanced dyne maintenance package of $295.

Additional information will be available by calling the Help Desk at 1-866-OBD-TEST